Google Wants More People To Know About Quantum Computing With This Game: What Is It And How To Play?

Google Wants More People To Know About Quantum Computing

Google desires to educate and make people conscious of quantum computing. And for that, it has come out with an interactive game known as The Qubit Game. Google used the event of World Quantum Day, which was on April 14, and developed this game to attract the attention of people on the internet. Games are typically the easiest way to seize people’s eyeballs, and bundling that with a dose of education is a bonus.

Google has developed this game in partnership with Doublespeak games, and Google says the game is a “playful journey to building a quantum computer, one qubit at a time.”

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Google Qubit Game: What Is It And How It Works

Qubit is crucial for building a quantum computer, the truth is, Qubits are the building blocks for creating the machines. Google says you don’t need to be a Maths whiz to play the quantum computing game.

The game is offered on this page, and Google has shared a detailed understanding of the game on its YouTube page as well, where it says.

“Build a quantum computer, one qubit at a time. Earn points by solving the same challenges quantum engineers face, from keeping qubits cool to block cosmic rays. If you succeed, you’ll discover new upgrades for your computer, complete big research projects, and change science forever.”

Your intention is to increase the Qubits with out letting them warmth up, and the more Qubits you gather, the levels turn out to be tough.

Google’s foremost goal is to attract more people towards quantum computing, get them excited in regards to the field, and make them understand what a quantum computing engineer or a scientist does of their line of work.

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