Rs 46,555 in bank account, no car: What is PM Modi’s net worth? know here

The latest data on assets belonging to Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been uploaded on the PMO’s official website. As per the data, PM Modi’s bank account has around 46,000 while his total assets have increased by Rs 26 lakh since the last declaration, reaching around Rs 2.23 crore as of March 31, 2022. Here is a complete breakdown of money with PM, movable and immovable property owned by him .

– PM Modi has Rs 32,520 cash in hand

– He has Rs 46,555 in his bank account, i.e. at Gandhinagar Branch of NSC State Bank of India

– He has Rs 2,10,33,226 in FDR Bank and MOD in the same SBI branch

– PM Modi has no investments in bonds, bonds/shares or units in companies/mutual funds.

– He has Rs 9,05,105 in National Certificate of Savings (Post) and (2) Rs 1,89,305 in Life Insurance Policy.

– PM has no personal loans or advances given to any person or entity, including firms, Companies, Trusts, etc, the statement states.

– PM Modi has jewelery worth around Rs 1,73,063 which consists of 4 gold rings with an estimated weight of 45 grams. With this, the total assets of PM Modi have gone up to Rs 2,23,82,504.

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