On Camera, Heated Fight Between Bengaluru Ticket Checker, Woman Passenger


“Why are you bullying me?” the distraught woman told the ticket checker.


A heated altercation between a ticket checker and a passenger at Bengaluru’s KR Puram Railway station has gone viral on social media. The official is seen shouting at a visibly upset woman passenger over her ticket while others standing at the platform look on.

“Why are you bullying me? I have booked a ticket which is why I am here,” the distraught woman told the railway employee standing in front of her, to which he replied, “Show and go, bloody. This is my job.”

Other passengers around the crying woman stood up for her. “This girl is traveling alone, and he’s bullying her. I don’t even know her but I can see that the guy is dissing her,” a male passenger standing near the woman said.

The woman insists that she booked her ticket and had shown it to a different ticket collector, but the railway employee shuts her down and attempts to walk away. Bystanders stop him, grab him by the shirt and pull him back to her, all the while accusing him of being drunk.

The ticket collector has since been suspended by South Western Railways.

The incident comes a day after a drunk ticket checker was arrested for urinating on a passenger’s head in Lucknow. The woman was travelling with her husband Rajesh Kumar in the A1 coach of Akal Takht Express, Government Railway Police officials said.

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