Omkar Kulkarni: If I Compare Myself to a Star Kid, I Should Also Compare Myself to…’ | Exclusive

Omkar Kulkarni rose to fame after he was featured in the web series titled ‘ImMature’. Recently, he was also seen in the film, ‘Middle-Class Love’. However, as the young actor looks for more opportunities in the entertainment industry, is he concerned about the competition from star kids? In an exclusive interview with News18 Showsha, Kulkarni talked about the same and shared that he tries not to compare himself to others.

“Not really, if I compare myself to a starkid then I should also compare myself to a kid from a remote village in Maharashtra who wants to come to Mumbai to become an actor. I am obviously in a better spot than that person. I try not to compare my life with others because those are the cards they are born with. These are the cards I have and I will have to play with them. I cannot be envious of other cards on the table,” he told us.

Kulkarni further explained that it’s not the name but the talent that matters at the end of the day. “Eventually, it will be the work that speaks. If they are good actors, they will stick around and if they are not (good actors), they will find other things to do. It does not matter if somebody is a starkid or not. It applies to everyone,” he added.

During the interaction, the 27-year-old actor was also asked if he has been through a time period when he struggled to get work and if it took a toll on his mental health. To this, Omkar revealed that he has been through such a phase but also admitted how he might have to face the same in the future as well because of the nature of work in the entertainment industry.

“It did, but I am glad it did because I somehow figured to work around it. It does happen. I have been on a long break when I did not shoot for anything. It is always very tentative. You are never sure of when you are going to work next and you never will be sure about it. It is how things will be for the rest of my life,” he explained.

Kulkarni, whose father is also a cinematographer, added, “Even at the peak of my career, there will be one point when I might not have some work for sometime. I have seen that with dad or with his other friends. That’s how it is. At first, it did get to me. You go for auditions and then for the next couple of weeks you keep thinking about it. ‘Will it happen or not?’ You build these things in your head. When it does not happen, suddenly you are like, ‘Oh! I really thought it will’. When this happens 10 to 12 times, you become normal to it. Now, I have come to a point where if I go for an audition, I think like, ‘this is my show’. Then I forget about it.”

Asked if he ever broke down in front of his parents when he had no work, the actor said, “I didn’t break down but I told my parents that ‘I have not worked for so long and it feels horrible’. My dad was like, ‘Hey listen, this is how it is going to be. Are you going to be like this every single time?’ They were definitely there for me and they still are.”

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