Old Video Of Transparent Ocean Creature Goes Viral, Internet Stunned

Cystisoma’s looks have taken the internet by a surprise.

There are so many creatures that are being discovered by scientists. Some appear to be similar to the commonly seen animals, however, some look out of this world. A video of one such ocean creature is going viral on the internet. Its looks have taken the internet by a surprise.

The video of the creature was shared by a user Massimo on Twitter. Sharing the same, he wrote, “Cystisoma is a crustacean that lives between 600-1000 m deep in the ocean. Its body is totally transparent: only its eyes are pigmented. This one has a brooding pouch full of orange eggs.”

In the video, Cystisoma is seen placed in someone’s hand. The tissues of Cystisoma’s internal organs are organised in a very structured and orderly manner, making the majority of them seem crystal transparent.

Watch the video here:

Since being shared, the video has 12 million views and over 11 thousand likes.

“I don’t know what adjective to describe this with,” said a user.

“Oh Wow, the world is full of wonders!” remarked a second person.

Another user added, “That barely even looks real! It’s so huge! I love it. What a friend!”


The eyes of Cystisoma take up the majority of its head, which is advantageous for night vision. “The bigger you make your eye, the more likely you are to catch any photons that are out there,” Karen Osborn, research scientist at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington DC, told The Guardian. Being able to see without being observed by predators is a major difficulty for species living in deep midwater, in Cystisoma’s case between 200 and 900 metres down, the outlet further said.

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