Ola Electric Move OS 3.0 announced

Ola Electric has announces that its MoveOS 3.0 update will be made available to customers starting today and that it will reach all S1, S1 Pro electric scooters within a week.

The MoveOS 3 update brings with it features like hill-hold assist, moods, proximity alert and regenerative braking. The most important feature now added to the S1 scooter line-up is the addition of fast-charging capability. Ola claims that when plugged into a fast-charger, the S1 e-scooters can amass nearly a 50km range in just 15 minutes.

There are currently three moods to choose from — Bolt, Vintage and Eclipse — which alter the visual theme on the TFT dash as well as the sound emitted from the onboard speakers. In addition to that, the scooter also emits differing sounds corresponding to the mood selected. The proximity alert enables the scooter to ‘sense’ when you approach it and will automatically unlock itself. With the MoveOS 3.0 update, Ola claims the scooter can go for more than 200 days without being charged, when put on ‘Vacation’ mode.

Through profile sharing, the electric scooter can be shared with others without divulging the passcode (since the S1 e-scooters do not have a conventional key).

Ola claims this update has also brought a faster touch response, lower battery usage during periods of non-usage, improved connectivity, faster home charging times and a more accurate estimate of the charging times.

While most of these features are concentrated on the electronic side of things, there are a few which help improve the mechanical aspects as well. For starters, the much-awaited hill-hold feature will allow you to rest on an inclined surface with just a tap of the brake lever. In fact, the S1 e-scooter can now sense when it is on an incline and automatically applies the brakes. Another feature is the addition of three levels of regenerative braking, which increase the regen functionality progressively allowing you to accumulate the energy you use while slowing down to incrementally charge the battery.

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