The world’s largest flying hotel, powered by nuclear energy, is taking the Internet by storm, Learn all about it: Watch Video

Hotels are one of the things we’ve seen on the ground. But Hashem Al-Ghaili, the graphic artist and video producer who created the video for the flying hotel, has a different view of hotels. Specifically, the video demonstrates the concept of an AI-pilot aircraft capable of carrying 5,000 people and capable of flying for years without landing. Probably perfect for those who want a long vacation. The video of the concept aircraft went viral and received mixed reactions from the internet.

The video of the plane, billed as ‘Sky Cruise’, takes viewers to the dubious ‘Flying Hotel’. It provides insight into what passengers can see and explore when boarding an aircraft. Anyone who watches the video can easily see that this is a typical ‘Land Hotel’ video, especially when displaying wedding halls with views of Aurora Borealis, restaurants and medical facilities.

The video of the hotel was originally shared on Hashem Al-Ghaili’s YouTube channel, saying “Sky Cruise: A Futuristic Hotel Above the Clouds”. Later, the viral video reveals that Tony Holmsten, a concept artist, designed the aircraft and will use his skills in movies, animation and games.

The video, which was posted a few days ago, received over seven lakh views. People have also made a variety of comments in response to the share. Some Netizens responded to the video with excitement about the idea, while others expressed skepticism about it. However, they were all amazed when they heard about a hotel that could fly for years and had a nuclear power source, and why not anyone.

For a few people this hotel may be reminiscent of planes seen in comics, flying full on hearing this description, flashing pictures of planes from Star Wars, Marvel or DC movies, it seems like a great comparison or reference. . One such imaginative user commented on the video, “I think this is where all the rich go into hiding during the Apocalypse.

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