New Year 2023 Party: 5 natural home remedies to cure hangover after a night of partying

New Year’s eve is all about drinking and partying as we bid goodbye to the old year and get ready to welcome the new. But a night of partying and revelry often leaves many of us with a terrible hangover the next day, and who would want to spend the first day of the new year being sick? So it’s important to learn about some home remedies for hangover cures. In fact “hangover cure” tends to be the¬†number 1 on Google search on New Year’s Day. Here are some tips that will come in handy:

Drink water – Hydrate yourself

Alcohol often acts as a diuretic – a substance that promotes diuresis, the increased production of urine. This means it can leave you dehydrated unless you keep drinking water. Often after a night of drinking, you wake up feeling excessively thirsty. That’s a sign that your body is dehydrated and you have a massive hangover. So you should drink plenty of water – both throughout the day before the party and also before going to bed. If you still wake up with a hangover the next day, again drink water, and slowly your hangover will pass.

Have a good breakfast

Even if you don’t feel like eating, it’s essential to have a proper breakfast in the morning following the night of binging. Food can help you recover the nutrients you lost while drinking. Have electrolyte-rich, easy-to-digest foods. However, if you are feeling nauseous, wait till you feel better before eating anything substantial.

Raw fruits to the rescue – apples, and bananas

According to some reports, fruit salad or raw fruits, especially the likes of apples and bananas, are very good in treating hangovers. Have a banana shake with a dollop of honey – they will help restore the essential nutrients you lost during drinking. Apples can also help mitigate headaches, especially on empty stomach.

Consume ginger

The good, old ginger is a great cure for hangovers as well. Ginger helps in the digestion of alcohol, thus soothing the stomach and giving relief. An upset stomach is often a side-effect of drinking and ginger is good for the tummy; it also reduces the feeling of nausea. You can chew small ginger pieces or drink ginger tea.

Drink tomato juice

Tomato juice can also work wonders in relieving hangover symptoms. Tomato juice has glucose, a kind of sugar that aid in the digestion of alcohol. According to some reports, electrolytes contained in tomato juice can help in lowering alcohol levels in the blood.

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