Nenapirali Fame Prem Agrees To Collaborate In A Family Drama With Atharv Arya

Premam Poojyam fame Prem has joined hands with director Atharv Arya for the latter’s next family drama. Along with Prem, Tabla Nani will also play a lead role in the project. Atharav has been busy with movies like Gubbachi and Jootata and is famous for giving freshers a chance in his projects.

The movie, tentatively titled Production 1, was officially launched on January 23. The project is funded by KRS Production and is scheduled to begin production on February 1. The narrative and script for the movie were written by Atharv, and they center on how important fathers are to families. Prem plays a businessman, who owns a software company in the movie.

The film’s cinematographer, music director, and editor have all been chosen, and they are Nagaraj DR, Akash Parva, and Vedic Veera respectively. The entire venture will be shot in Bengaluru, and the female protagonist is currently being recruited by the producers. Actors like Bala Rajawadi, Girish Jatti, and Mitra are part of the supporting cast.

Speaking with E- Times, “There are many sub-plots in the movie so we are not going formulaic of hero and heroine.” Prem plays a businessman, who succeeds in his endeavours, and Tabla Nani portrays the part of a moral parent; however, he is not Prem’s father, and this is where the narrative becomes captivating. Ranjtha, a newcomer, will also play a significant role in the film.

Prem worked briefly in the television industry as one of the judges for Jodi No 1. Actor Prem in his recent picture Premam Poojyam donned a romantic hat. Premam Poojyam also features Brinda Acharya and Aindrita Ray and is directed by Dr. Raghavendra. It was the 25th film Prem and was excited for the role as his character’s love journey matures from 18 years of age to mid- 40s.

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