Monkeypox Live Updates: Govt to hold expert meeting today as India’s tally reaches 9; Delhi hospitals are gearing up to cope with the surge in cases

MONKEYPOX LIVE UPDATES: Center has called a meeting of top health experts on Thursday as the monkeypox threat calls for a fresh approach. Director Emergency Medical Relief (EMR) L Swasticharan will preside over the meeting. EMR is a division of the Ministry of Health responsible for dealing with international or national public health issues. The Times of India reports that Dr Pavana Murthy of the World Health Organization (WHO) will also attend.

Meanwhile, according to the Ministry of Health’s communication with the UAE on August 1, three of the positive cases in India had shown symptoms suggestive of monkeypox disease even before arriving in India. India has now urged the UAE to step up its efforts to prevent people who test positive from boarding and traveling on flights and allowing further transmission of the virus.

Executive Director and International Health Regulations (IHR) Focal Point in the UAE, Dr. In a letter to Hussein Abdul Rahman Al Rand, the health ministry called for increased exit screening to ensure that those showing symptoms of monkeypox are not allowed to board. flights, The Hindu reported.

Delhi reported its fourth monkey flu case on Wednesday, with a 31-year-old Nigerian woman testing positive for the disease, official sources said. With this, the number of people affected by monkey fever in India has increased to nine. She is the first woman in India to test positive for monkeypox. Sources said the woman was suffering from fever and skin lesions and was admitted to Lok Nayak Jai Prakash (LNJP) Hospital, whose samples were sent for testing and the results were positive on Wednesday.

She was admitted to LNJP Hospital on Tuesday. Sources close to the team monitoring the monkey fever situation told PTI that the woman’s condition is stable at present. Sources said there is no information about his recent foreign travel. A west Delhi man, the first reported monkey flu case in Delhi, was discharged from LNJP Hospital on Monday.

The third monkey flu case in Delhi is a 35-year-old man of African descent with no recent history of foreign travel. He was admitted to the Delhi government-run LNJP Hospital on Monday and was diagnosed the next day. The World Health Organization (WHO) recently declared monkeypox as a global public health emergency. According to the Global Health Body, monkeypox is a viral zoonosis — a virus transmitted from animals to humans — that has similar symptoms to smallpox but is clinically less severe.

The disease usually presents with fever, rash, and swollen lymph nodes, which can lead to medical complications. It is a self-limiting disease with symptoms usually lasting two to four weeks. Human-to-human transmission occurs primarily through large respiratory droplets, the Centre’s ‘Guidelines for the Management of Monkey Dwarf Disease’, which usually require prolonged close contact. It can be transmitted by direct contact with body fluids or wounds, and by indirect contact with contaminated clothing or linens of an infected person. It can be transmitted from animals to humans through the bites or scratches of infected animals or through the preparation of bush meat.

The incubation period is usually six to 13 days, and the mortality rate of monkeypox has historically been as high as 11 percent in the general population and higher in children. In recent times, the case fatality rate has been around three to six percent. Symptoms include lesions that begin one to three days after the onset of fever, last about two to four weeks, and are described as painful until the healing phase when they itch. A marked predilection for the palms and soles is characteristic of monkeypox, the guidelines stated.

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