Modi government gives Rs 4.78 lakh loan to every Aadhar card holder? This is the truth behind it

A viral message circulated on social media regarding financial assistance from the Central Government. The message said that the central government provided a loan of 4,78,000 to all Aadhar card holders.

The fake message then asks people to register for financial support and click on a specific link to apply for a loan.

Meanwhile, to get rid of the fraudulent message, PIB says that this message is FAKE. PIB also said that no such assistance was announced by the Indian Ministry of Finance.

“It is stated that the central government provided a loan of Rs 4,78,000 to all Aadhar card holders,” said The PibFactCheck. He added:

— This claim is #fake

— Don’t forward messages like that

— Never share your personal/financial details with anyone

PIB from time to time advises against clicking on suspicious links sent as viral messages.

How to get fact-checked messages by PIB

If you get a suspicious message like that, you can always check its authenticity and check if it’s real or fake. For that, you need to send a message to Or you can send a WhatsApp message to +918799711259 for fact check. You can also send your message to Fact-checking information is also available at

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