Is Michael Keaton in Trouble After Batgirl Canceled?

Michael Keaton has confirmed that he will reprise his role as Bruce Wayne/Batman in next year’s The Flash, before announcing that he will star in Batgirl. Anyway, there are now rumblings that Keaton’s return to Gotham has been cut short. Although he’s still expected to appear on The Flash , his overall DCEU role is apparently in jeopardy.

On Wednesday, The Hollywood Reporter published their own take on what’s going on behind the cancellation of Batgirl , including speculation that Michael Keaton will now have a “little role” in the DCEU. His version of Batman was expected to act as an “elder statesman” to the younger heroes, much like Samuel L. He connects different movies like Jackson’s version of Nick Fury. Along with Batgirl and The Flash, Keaton filmed a scene for Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom. THR showed this latter scene to test audiences who found it confusing, and reports soon followed that Ben Affleck was returning to the role of Batman for Aquaman 2.

While no one knows exactly what’s going on with The Flash, it’s been speculated for some time that the events of the film — which will largely inform DC’s multiverse — will see the DCEU reset its timeline. The news that Michael Keaton is returning as Batman for multiple films, along with Ben Affleck’s many confirmations, has fueled speculation that the timeline reset, which naturally assumes The Flash will mark his final appearance as Batman, will erase Affleck’s Batman from existence and replace it with Keaton’s version. But according to the latest reports, it looks like the replacement Batman was meant to replace.

Michael Keaton Batman in Batgirl
Is Michael Keaton in trouble after batgirl cancelled

Despite this, it currently seems like Michael Keaton is a lock for The Flash, but that brings up the matter of Warner Bros. Discovery: Ezra Miller throwing a wrench in everything going on behind the scenes right now. The actor who played Barry Allen/The Flash in three movies already and cameos on HBO Max’s Peacemaker and The CW’s Arrow is proving to be the biggest problem child in the DCEU; Yes, we’re counting Amber Heard on that one. Since the beginning of the year, Miller has been arrested twice, accused of child rearing, and accused of violence and harassment against women. In one particularly disturbing report, Miller was said to be hosting a woman and her child at his Vermont property, where he allegedly kept multiple firearms in open and random locations; Including one allegedly kept near a pile of stuffed animals in Miller’s living room.

With a reported budget of $200 million, last checked, The Flash was just as expensive and as integral to the DCEU narrative as Warner Bros. Discovery is to Batgirl. But if the lead actor’s alleged behavior escalates, CEO David Zaslav has few choices. Michael Keaton’s DC Superhero Return May Be Canceled Completely.

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