KGF star Yash ran away from home with Rs 300 in his pocket to become a ‘hero’

KGF star Yash ran away from home with Rs 300 in his pocket to become a ‘hero’

It is a dream come true for Rocking KGF star Yash as he has turn into a famous person and is experiencing immense love for his recently launched movie ‘KGF Chapter: 2’. The Prashant Neel directed movie is a smashing hit and is breaking records on the box office and serving to to further soar Yash’s popularity. The actor first tasted stardom with the success of ‘KGF Chapter 1’. But do you know that Naveen Kumar Gowda, better identified by his stage name ‘Yash’ had no connections in the movie industry and got here from a humble background. His father was a bus conductor and his mom a housewife. But since childhood Yash dreamt of becoming a ‘superstar’. Fighting all odds and giving an opportunity to his future, Yash ran away from his house with just Rs 300 to fulfil his dream.

Talking about his childhood aspirations of becoming a ‘hero’, Yash told the source, “In class, when they asked me who do you want to become when you grow up, I’d say I will be a superstar. Everyone would say astronaut and all, and I used to say ‘hero’. So, everybody used to laugh. But, I believed that one day, main hero ban jaunga (I’ll be a film hero). I didn’t know how difficult it was or how much dedication went into it. I had no clue. I just wanted to be an actor.”

Yash’s parents however did not believe in their son’s far-fetched dream and wanted him to go to a college and pursue a degree. But Yash was completely set in his mind. He left his house and joined a theatre group called Benaka despite his family’s objection.

“My parents told me, ‘Okay go. But if you come back, never ever think of anything else.’ I said okay. Give me a chance to do something. They thought I would come back soon, but that never happened,” the KGF star recalled.

Yash slowly worked his way up to stardom. He moved from his hometown Mysore to Bengaluru. Yash first worked within the backstage of plays and later grew to become a ‘back-up actor’.

Sharing how he was first intimidated to move to Bangalore, he revealed, “But, in all places I met somebody who helped me. I joined a theatre group and began working backstage. Eventually, I began practising for different roles as well. I grew to become a backup actor – if some actor was sick or not available, I used to perform his part. That’s how it started. And then I began getting big roles.”

Yash’s story of rise is certainly one straight out of fairytales. His latest ‘KGF Chapter 2’ has crossed Rs 600 crore worldwide in just the first 5 days of its launch and is continuing strong on the box-office.

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