Kevin McCarthy said of the Democrats who passed the legislation

Regarding the slate of bills that are part of President Joe Biden’s domestic agenda, Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) finally reached an agreement with Democrats. Now that the bills are moving forward, however, Republican House Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) is upset.

When the November 2021 Build Back Better House vote came up, McCarthy stalled the vote with a long and moving speech, questioning fellow lawmakers whether it was “right.”

“There are two parts of history that I wish I could be a part of. I wish I was in Tiananmen Square and I wish I was there when the Berlin Wall came down,” McCarthy said at one point in his pre-Thanksgiving diatribe.

Ultimately, the bill was killed in the Senate as Manchin complained about the “deficit.” Manchin now says it’s dead forever. However, he took parts of it and incorporated them into a budget reconciliation package. Such bills require only 50 votes and cannot be blocked by a filibuster.

McCarthy is now upset that he is moving forward, saying he was told it would be a regular bill and now it’s a reconciliation package.

“They lied about reconciliation. Why did they — they said they were going to do something without guaranteeing a reconciliation bill — the day they voted on it they said they got a deal on reconciliation is very concerning to me?” McCarthy was stunned as he spoke to reporters.

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