Jailed Delhi Minister Gets Relief From Delhi Court On His Food Request

Delhi minister Satyendar Jain has been jailed in an alleged corruption case

New Delhi:

Jailed Delhi minister Satyendar Jain will continue to get “proper food” conforming to his religious beliefs, a city court said today. The court said this arrangement will continue till it decides on the matter.

Mr Jain had complained to the court that he was not being given food according to his religion and the jail administration was imposing restrictions.

Mr Jain eats only after going to the temple, but due to being in jail, he is not able to go to the temple, so for the last five months he is eating only fruit, his lawyer said.

The Supreme Court has sought a reply from Delhi’s Tihar Jail and will hear the matter tomorrow at 2 pm.

Mr Jain had said in his court application that he had been denied proper food and medicine since his arrest on May 31. For the last 12 days, the jail administration has stopped providing him basic food conforming to his religious beliefs, Mr Jain alleged.

“The applicant is being starved by the jail authorities and is not being given sustenance or nutrition to even sustain his well-being. The applicant is entitled to the said basic food item in view of his religious beliefs and fast,” his application said.

The minister’s fast barred cooked food, pulses, grain and milk products, his lawyer argued, asserting that Mr Jain was “a strict adherent of Jainism”.

Mr Jain was arrested in a money laundering case and charged with corruption. He was denied bail last week.

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