Harley-Davidson to go fully electric: CEO Jochen Zeitz

No one is immune to the electrified future, not even a storied brand such as Harley-Davidson. The CEO of the company, Jochen Zeitz, says Harley-Davidson has embarked upon a long-term transition to an entirely electric future, but it is still a while away.

When speaking of Harley-Davidson, a long, low, big V-Twin powered cruiser is what typically comes to mind. While the company has had more diverse additions to its line-up in the form of the new Nightster, Sportster S and Pan America 1250 in recent years, its core is still rooted in large-capacity, air-cooled, V-Twin cruisers.

With the CEO confirming that Harley-Davidson will one day make only electric bikes, it is all but certain that the V-Twins (both air-cooled and liquid-cooled) will cease to exist.

Currently, Harley sells its e-bikes through the LiveWire sub-brand and its present line-up comprises the One and the upcoming S2 Del Mar, which will go on sale in the coming months. In the near future, there will be more additions to this line-up, including the S3 range of more accessible lightweight e-bikes, developed in conjunction with KYMCO. They will also introduce the S4 range of larger e-bikes, rumoured to mimic the style of the cruisers Harley-Davidson is so famous for.

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