The Muslim side’s attorney said before the judgement on Gyanvapi: “If the verdict does not fall in favor…

Gyanvapi News Today: At 2:00 p.m. today, the Varanasi district court will announce its decision in the Gyanvapi case. Mohammad Tauheed, the attorney for the Muslim side, made a statement earlier.

Gyanvapi Case Verdict
Gyanvapi Case Verdict

Gyanvapi Case Verdict: Before the verdict on Gyanvapi, the Muslim side’s attorney, Mohammad Tauheed, indicated that if the judgement does not go in his favor, the High Court’s doors are open for him. Let us inform you that today at 2:00 p.m., the Varanasi District Court will announce its ruling in the Gyanvapi case (Monday). The court and Varanasi have strict security measures in place. Everywhere is under observation. The police administration has pleaded with the populace to uphold social harmony and tranquility.

What was said by the Muslim attorney?

Mohammad Tauheed, the attorney for the Muslim side in the Gyanvapi case, was asked what he would do if the court’s verdict did not go in his or her favor. Lawyer Mohammad Tauheed stated that this matter is still pending a ruling. We will appeal to the High Court if the judge does not rule in our favor.

Today’s judgment will be made by the Varanasi court.

Let us inform you that the Varanasi court will rule today on whether or not the petition filed in the Gyanvapi Masjid-Sringar Gauri case is maintainable. Last month, District Judge AK Vishvesh deferred the decision in the case until September 12. Five women had petitioned the court for permission to daily offer prayers to Hindu gods and goddesses carved into the exterior wall of the Gyanvapi mosque.

This is what the Hindu side’s attorney said.

Vishnu Jain, the attorney representing the Hindu side in the Gyanvapi case, also stated that the court would make its decision regarding the trial’s stability today. Worship Act of 1991 is in our favor. If we win, we will demand an ASI survey and carbon dating of the Shivling.

Santosh K. Singh, Additional Police Commissioner, claims that Varanasi has sufficient security measures in place. Whatever the choice, we are prepared to handle any circumstance. Observe social media as well. called on the populace to preserve social harmony.

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