Google Phasing Out Original Meet App, Introduces 360-Degree Backgrounds Feature

Google is set to phase out its original Meet app in the coming months, encouraging users to switch to the updated version, made from Duo. The updated app features a four-colored icon, as opposed to the older green logo, and includes new features such as direct calling and emoji reactions. 

The decision to phase out the original Meet app comes as it lacks the latest features and capabilities. This move is expected to streamline the user experience and ensure that all users have access to the latest technology. 

In an effort to enhance the user experience and provide access to the latest technology, Google has also announced plans to phase out its original Meet app, as it lacks the latest features and capabilities. 

Google is also reportedly adding a new feature called ‘360-degree backgrounds’ to its video feed customization options for users, according to 9to5Google. The backgrounds are videos that move with the device’s orientation data, utilizing gyroscopes. At launch, users will have the option to choose from an oasis, sky city, and mountain temple as backgrounds, with more options to come in the future.

The 360-degree backgrounds feature will reportedly roll out to both—Android and iOS—available for consumers and paid Workspace users in a few weeks time.

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