Gloomy facts of Ankita Bhandari chat with a friend: “Trying to make me a prostitute, won’t sell myself for Rs 10,000”

Ankita Bhandari News: Violent demonstrations have broken out in the region following the death of 19-year-old Ankita Bhandari, a receptionist at a resort in Uttarakhand. For the first time at her position, she face the heat for refusing requests to give guests “extra services.” This information came from a WhatsApp conversation she had with a friend.

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According to reports, Bhandari’s Facebook friend said that she was murdered because she refused the resort owner’s demands that she engage in sexual activity with visitors.

Pulkit Arya the son of expelled BJP leader Vinod Arya, reportedly acknowledged pushing Ankita into the canal after an altercation. The cops arrested him and two other people on Saturday.

The teenager appears to have been forced into prostitution by the accused guys, according to Ankita WhatsApp chat with her friend. In one of her message to a friend, she described her experience working as a receptionist at the resort owned by a BJP leader son, saying, “They are trying to turn me into a prostitute.”

Ankita also wrote: “I may be poor, but I won’t sell myself for Rs 10,000” in one of her WhatsApp messages.

Screenshots of the chat, which have gained widespread attention since last Saturday, also show that Pulkit Arya received a stern talking to from Ankita after allegedly attempting to kiss her. She also revealed to her friend that one time, a drunken visitor had hugged her forcibly, but Ankit Gupta, one of the three accused and Pulkit’s assistant, advised her to keep quiet about it “to prevent an escalation” of the situation.

Ankit approached me today and said, “I want to talk to you about something. I agreed and moved to a corner next to my front desk. Ankita wrote in a WhatsApp message to her friend, “There, he asked me if I was ready to give ‘extra services’ to a guest who was willing to pay Rs 10,000 to your resort.

“To my reply, he then tried to clarify that he wasn’t asking me to do it, just to let him know if I knew of any other girls who would be interested. However, I am aware that he specifically made that offer to me in hopes that I would accept after discovering the amount (sic),” she continued.

She further revealed to her friend that Ankit had once threatened to fire her and replace her with another girl if she refused to provide special services for guests on Pulkit Arya’s orders.

A call recording allegedly made by the victim to a resort staffer has also gone viral in audio form. Ankita called Manveer Singh Chauhan, the cook at the Vanatara resort in Pauri district’s Yamkeshwar block, on the day she was killed, asking him to bring her bag, according to Manveer Singh Chauhan’s statement to the police. Ankita was nowhere to be found when a staff member came with the bag. On September 18, at three o’clock, she was last seen at the resort.

Ankita’s Facebook friend had tried to call her just before her death, but her phone went unreachable at 8:30 p.m. After failing to reach her, he called Pulkit Arya, who reported that she had gone to her room to sleep.

He tried to call Pulkit again the next day, but that time his phone was also off. He then called the resort’s manager, Ankit, who responded that she was at the gym. The resort’s cook was contacted next, and he informed him that he had not seen the girl that day.

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