Giorgia Meloni will be the first female PM of Italy and will head the most right-wing administration since World War Two.

Giorgia Meloni led a conservative alliance to victory in the election on Sunday, positioning herself to become Italy’s first female prime minister at the helm of its most right-wing administration since World War Two. The rightist group should have a strong majority in both houses of parliament, according to provisional results, perhaps providing Italy a rare opportunity for political stability following years of turbulence and fragile coalitions.

Giorgia Meloni will be the first female PM of Italy

Meloni and her colleagues, however, confront a daunting list of challenges, including rising energy prices, the conflict in Ukraine, and a renewed slowdown in the third-largest economy in the euro zone.

“We must keep in mind that we are at the beginning and not the end. From tomorrow, we must prove our worth “Early on Monday morning, the 45-year-old Meloni addressed her Brothers of Italy party’s cheering followers.

Meloni downplays her party’s post-fascist origins and presents it as a mainstream organization similar to the Conservatives in Britain. She has vowed to support Western Ukraine policy and not jeopardize Italy’s precarious financial situation.

Given her eurosceptic past and her allies’ ambivalent position on Russia, European capitals and financial markets will closely monitor her early acts.

Meloni adopted a conciliatory stance in her victory speech.

If given the opportunity to lead this country, she declared, “We would do it on behalf of all Italians, with the goal of bringing the populace together and emphasizing what unites us rather than what divides us.” “Now is the moment to be responsible.”

Mario Draghi, the current prime minister and former president of the European Central Bank, will be succeeded by Meloni. During Draghi’s 18-month tenure in office, he pushed Rome to the centre of EU policymaking and developed tight ties with Berlin and Paris.

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