Police publicly flogged men as they were tied to a pole for allegedly throwing stones at a Gujarati garba event | Watch

Garba Celebration in Gujarat: For reportedly throwing stones during the Navratri Garba celebration in Gujarat’s Kheda district, injuring six to seven individuals, a total of 10 to 11 people have been detained. The accused were beaten with sticks by the police after they had tied them to a pole and forced them to publicly apologize to the villagers. In a number of viral films posted on social media sites, it can be seen that the public is applauding the police’s actions against them.

Garba Celebration in Gujarat

According to Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) in Gujarat’s Nadiad VR Bajpai, “a Muslim mob tried to disturb the Garba event in Kheda’s Undhela village last night and pelted stones, hurting 6-7 people, damaging the sarpanch’s car, and throwing stones inside the temple.”

Around 11 o’clock at night, the DSP claims, a Muslim mob gathered outside the mosque during a Garba event that the Sarpanch had planned, which was underway near to the Tulja Mata Mandir. According to the residents, the Sarpanch organized this Garba celebration to honor his election victory.

“The mob numbered between 150 and 200 persons, including women. 43 people have been identified by the sarpanch, who has filed a complaint against them. A total of 10 to 11 suspects have been held for questioning “said DSP Bajpai.

The group, led by two individuals named Arif and Zahir, attacked Navratri celebration attendees who “at first caused a disturbance and thereafter threw stones that injured six persons,” according to DSP Kheda, Rajesh Gadhiya. Identification of all accused is ongoing, and severe actions will be implemented. He stated that the police have been sent to the village and the required arrangements have been made.

“If he wins the elections, the Sarpanch had prayed and sworn to conduct five Garbas, but some people had already prepared to ruin it by throwing stones at us. This Garba began around 11.30 night and was finished in two or three rounds ” the locals informed. An investigation into the situation is being underway.

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