Trump Mocks Transgender Athletes in Wisconsin, Misrepresents Lia Thomas

Former President Donald Trump misgendered transgender athlete Lia Thomas when he said he would ban transgender women from competing in women’s sports.

The former president held a rally Friday in Waukesha, Wisconsin, where he stumped for his preferred Republican candidates in this month’s primary and November’s midterm elections.

“We will also exclude men from women’s sports,” he said. Trump later cited the example of Ms. Thomas, a University of Pennsylvania swimmer who won first place in the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Division I Swimming Championships.

Many conservatives have used her as an example to say she has an unfair advantage. Trump said a female swimmer was unable to break the record because of Ms. Thomas.

“You know he was given female athlete of the year,” Trump told the crowd in Waukesha. “Is our country going to hell or what? ”

Trump continued to mislead him by saying, “He had a wing like this,” showing off her height.

Mr. Trump also cited another transgender athlete, this time a weightlifter, who he said had an unfair advantage, again misrepresenting him.

The former president’s words came as several Republican governors signed legislation that would ban transgender women from participating in women’s sports. He also criticized teachers talking to students about gender and sexuality.

He added that no teacher should ever be allowed to teach our children transgender without parental consent. “It’s crazy what they’re doing to your kids behind your back.”

Trump added that when Republicans win a majority, they need to crack down on pharmaceutical companies that supply minors to “mutilate our youth.”

“We will save our children and every federal bureaucrat complicit in this travesty needs to be fired immediately,” he said.

Trump campaigned alongside gubernatorial candidate Tom Michel and talked about endorsing the candidate to challenge Wisconsin House Speaker Robin Vos, who Trump has tried to pressure to falsify the 2020 election results.

The rally comes on the same day the Republican National Committee announced it will host the 2024 convention in Milwaukee.

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