How is “Come from Away” getting ready for the anniversary of 9/11? Read to learn.

The Broadway musical Come From Away donates thousands of meal boxes each year in celebration of September 11 and supports local food banks while also performing volunteer performances.

Come From Away
Come From Away Getting Ready For Anniversary Of 9/11

Come From Away: Come From Away has consistently emphasized the importance of giving back to the community. From the 9/11 memorial through their first workshop at Sheridan College, where money was gathered to help animal shelters.

The first preview of the show took place in 2015 just hours before a planned terrorist attack that resulted in the deaths of over 130 people.

The creators were left wondering what they had done.

Since then, she has firmly believed in not putting on the show and respecting what it says, which is to constantly keep in mind that more people desire to do good than bad. There was a lot in the stories that encouraged lending as much assistance as possible.

What is the subject of the musical Come From Away?

The little Newfoundland land provides the inspiration for the musical. After the US government closed the airspace on September 11, the people of Gander took in more than 7000 aircraft passengers.

The moment the inhabitants of Gander began to offer assistance, the town was overrun with 38 airplanes’ worth of passengers.

Everyone who was there, of every nationality and faith, received assistance from the locals.

In order to provide the space and everything they could provide to passengers, they offered food and cleaned up the rooms.

The musical represents hope even in the worst helpless situation. When help was required, the Canadian island provided it, and the attitude is still being carried on.

Why will the Come From Away performance this year be sad?

The New York cast’s performance this year will be a bittersweet day because it is the last occasion the show will deploy representatives from Broadway.

On October 2, the program will end its five-year run.

Despite the performance, the act of giving will add the sweetness to the farewell.

Come From Away has helped to raise money for farmers, converted for cancer patients, and assisted many individuals in need on the New York subway. Few shows are able to forge such strong bonds with their local communities.

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