Chetana Raj case: Medical negligence or sudden death, read the story behind it

The stress of shedding fats took the life of younger Kannada heroine Chethana Raj. The 21-year-old star had determined to undergo cosmetic surgery with out informing anybody in the family. And on account of that surgical procedure, Chethana Raj died of lung failure, allegedly. However, the family claims that because of the negligence of the physician, Chethana died. Her parents have already lodged a police complaint.

Chetana Raj Case: The Story Behind

1. Chetana was admitted to Shetty’s Cosmetic Centre in Bengaluru on Monday for a ‘fat-free’ plastic surger however sadly it turned fatal for it. While performing the surgical procedure, water started to build up in her lungs, reportedly.

2. After that, an anaesthetist named Melvin along with the plastic surgeon who carried out the operation rushed Chetana to a private hospital at about 5:30 p.m. The treatment was began instantly after they insisted that the patient has had a cardiac problem.

3. Unfortunately, the doctors couldn’t save Chetana even with CPR for 45 minutes. Sandeep, the doctor-in-charge of the ICU stated in a police complaint that, the staff of the cosmetic surgery group knew that Chethana had died a very long time ago. The actress was declared dead at 7 pm at Kaade Hospital.

Chetana gained popularity at a younger age because of her performance in ‘Geeta’, ‘Doresani’ series. Her premature death casts a shadow of grief within the Kannada industry. The police have already launched an investigation towards the Shetty’s Cosmetic Centre.

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