Bigg Boss 16 Day 56 Highlights: Salman Exposes Tina; Latter’s Mom Calls Sumbul ‘Aggressive’; No Eviction

Bigg Boss 16’s latest Shanivaar Ka Vaar was packed with full of entertainment and surprises. The show began with Salman schooling Sajid and Archana over their intense argument which took place this week during a ration task. Salman asked both of them to address their issues and end their fight once and for all. Archana accused Sajid of abusing her parents on national television. She also said that Sajid often threatens her that he will get her evicted from the show. To this, Salman made Archana understand that neither Sajid nor he has the power to throw her out of the show unless her fans stop voting for her.

Later, Salman made Priyanka Chahar Choudhary realise that she never takes stand for Archana in fights and has failed to make a bond with anyone in the house except Ankit Gupta, who she already knows from outside. Priyanka, in her defence, told Salman that Archana always bad-mouths her, and hence, it becomes difficult for her to back Archana. Salman then advised Priyanka that in a true friendship one accepts another person with their flaws. He also said that Priyanka is doing good in the game, but it’s about time that she supports her friends openly.

Week 9
NominationsArchana, Ankit, Soundarya, MC Stan and Sumbul.
CaptainShiv Thakare
ExitsNo eviction
NotesTina’s mom and Sumbul’s dad get into a heated argument.

On the other hand, Salman exposed Tina Datta and asked Sajid to not trust her blindly without reconfirming things. Salman revealed that Tina lied to Sajid about Archana calling their group “roadchaap.” Exposing Tina’s lies, Salman told Sajid, “Have you ever felt that some people use your anger for their own benefit? Let me open your eyes! For example, garbage bag face tak laaya gaya. Fir kisi ne ye bhi kaha aap sab logon ko roadchaap kaha gaya hai.” When Tina defended herself, saying that Archana did bring the garbage bag to her face, Salman countered, “Tina, for your information, nahi laaya tha.”

Elsewhere, Salman confronted Sumbul’s father for lying to the makers about his health. Salman told him, “Aapne hospital ka bahana lekar apni bachi se baat karne ki koshish ki hai (On the pretext of hospital, you tried talking to your daughter.)”

Later, Sumbul’s father and Tina’s mother got into a heated argument. While lashing out at Tina’s mom, Sumbul’s father said, “Tina ne najane kitne shabd kahe hai, kya aapko ek baar bhi laga uske liye maafi maangi jaayea (Tina has said several things, do you think you should apologize?)” Tina’s mother retaliated and said, “Kyun maafi mangu, humlog kindergarten school mein nahi bheje bachi ko, Bigg Boss mein bheja hai. Is desh mein betiyon ko Lakshmi maante hai, lekin apni beti ko gaaliyaan sikha rahe hai (this is Big Boss, not kindergarten. Daughters are Lakshmi in this country but you are teaching your daughter profanities.)” During their argument, Tina’s mother also called Sumbul’s father “aggressive” and said that no wonder his daughter shows so much aggression in the show.

At the end, Salman Khan announced that there’s no elimination this week. The nominated contestants were Ankit Gupta, Soundarya Sharma, Sumbul Touqeer Khan, MC Stan and Archana Gautam.

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