‘Asked me about my sex life’: Indian woman alleges ‘indecent behaviour’ by Pakistan diplomats

New Delhi: The Pakistani government has announced that it is investigating reports of inappropriate conduct by one of its officials at its consulate in Delhi. A woman has come forward accusing staff members of making unwanted sexual advances towards her during her visit to the consulate in 2022 to apply for a visa. According to the woman’s statement to News18, she wanted to travel to Pakistan as she was invited by a varsity to deliver a lecture. When she first arrived at the embassy for a visa, she was told to come in May after Eid. However, another official at the consulate told the woman that he can process her visa application.

Woman claims she was asked questions on marital status, sex life

She further told the media outlet that she was taken to another room and asked general questions first and then the conversation crossed a line as she was asked about her marital status and sex life. “He then asked me about my sex life. I found that uncomfortable,” she said as quoted by News18.

She also alleged that the two Pakistan officials began talking about the Khalistan movement and the Kashmir resolution, completely steering the conversation from the matter.

Pak diplomats allegedly asked her to criticise PM Modi in articles

Approximately one month after the initial incident, the woman reported receiving WhatsApp messages from the officials involved. According to her, the two men were offering her money in exchange for writing articles critical of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The woman stated that the men were messaging and deleting their messages simultaneously, but she was able to capture screenshots.

Pakistan foreign ministry takes cognizance of incident

In a statement, the Pakistani Foreign Ministry emphasized the importance of proper behavior and etiquette towards visa and consular applicants, and that all diplomatic staff are instructed to conduct themselves professionally. The ministry also stated that there is zero tolerance for any mistreatment or misconduct towards individuals visiting Pakistani Missions.

The ministry spokesperson expressed surprise at the timing and manner in which the allegations were made and highlighted that there are established procedures in place to address public grievances. The incident has caused tension between the two countries, and the investigation is ongoing. Any misconduct must be taken seriously and thoroughly investigated to ensure justice for the victims and accountability for any wrongdoings.

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