Apple CEO Tim Cook congratulates a 9-year-old Indian girl for creating an iOS app.

Indian girl, age 8, who lives in Dubai received a letter from Apple CEO Tim Cook for creating an iOS app for iPhones at such a young age.

Apple CEO Tim Cook

According to Gulf News, Hana Muhammad Rafeeq claimed to be the “youngest app developer” in a letter to Cook outlining the process she used to create the app. Hana and her parents were thrilled to find that the CEO of Apple had commended Hana on her accomplishment at such a young age in a response to her email.

“I created and published an Apple mobile application at the age of eight. I got introduced to coding by the age of five and it seems I am the youngest in the world to achieve this. In addition, I almost avoided using any third-party ready-made codes, libraries, or classes in my app. I hand-wrote more than 10,000 lines of codes for this app. Please have a quick preview,” she wrote, sharing the YouTube links of her works,” read Hana’s leader, according to the Gold News report.

Hana, now 9 years old, introduced herself in the letter as an Indian girl who was born and brought up in Dubai.

“Hana, Congratulations on all of your impressive achievements at such a young age! Keep at it and you will do amazing things in the future. Best, Tim,” read his reply.

The Hana’s app is available on the App Store. Parents can record bedtime tales for their kids using this technology. The free software also includes moral and classic children’s stories, bedtime stories, and short stories.

Hana said she created the software to assist parents who lack the time to read aloud to their children. Next year, the 9-year-old would like to go to Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference.

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