Actress Geetika Mehandru Shares Her Memorable Moment While Shahid Kapoor Kissing Her During the Shoot

After a number of rounds of delay, Gowtam Tinnanuri’s Jersey starring Shahid Kapoor and Mrunal Thakur will lastly be on the massive screens on April 22. Actress Geetika Mehandru, who additionally performs a pivotal half within the movie, shared her pleasure with us earlier than the release of the movie.

Jersey was supposed to launch in December last year however was rescheduled right earlier than its launch and the identical incident occurred earlier than its April 14 release. Now that the movie will finally be launched, the actress tells Daily News, “Till the time it is finally in the theatres, I believe nothing. Now my mindset is like that. Last time also it was supposed to be released on 31st but got delayed on 29th and it was the biggest shock for me. It was something really big for me to be honest and going from a supporting character to a parallel lead in the same year, that was the biggest opportunity for me.”

However, the delay in the launch didn’t imply the actress was sitting idle. She at the moment has a web series Roohaniyat in her kitty and was additionally seen taking part in an essential function within the show Chotii Sardarni. “I got the opportunity on time but it did not release on time. Shayad thora agey peeche ho but it is not like I am not getting any other work. I have done work after that so I won’t say I am lacking behind because the movie is not releasing on time,” she adds.

Geetika, who performs a journalist within the movie, is collaborating with Shahid for the second time, the first one being his controversial movie Kabir Singh. Excited about the identical, she says, “I feel I am blessed that I am getting to work with him (Shahid) again and again. From 2019 to 2022, these 4 years I have been related to Shahid because of two movies back to back. He was so kind and generous and soft on me on set. He always helped me in different scenes and I was very much comfortable with him. He also recognised me as Shruti from Kabir Singh. Mira (Shahid’s wife) was also there with their kids so it was a family kind of an environment.”

Geetika’s most memorable moment with Shahid was when he kissed her on the cheeks during the shoot. She described, “So there is a scene in the movie where he comes and he thanks me and kisses me on the cheeks. So that was a cute moment. He did that to make my boyfriend in the movie jealous.”

On being asked whether or not she’s going to continue with tv shows regardless of being part of well-known Bollywood flicks, she answers, “I feel like being an actor one should do what comes their way. This industry is like if you keep waiting, then it will only be waiting for you. I am here to work. I don’t have any godfather or anybody to guide me right and wrong. I just go with the flow and if something coming to me has potential, then I do it.”

Jersey additionally stars Shishir Sharma, Pankaj Kapur and Ronit Kamra among others.

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